FRENCH ROCK 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6
Retour Cat.2
Suicide romeo Images Fr Lp Ze 15 20
Suicide romeo Suicide romeo Fr 7" Ze 10 14
Sunday drivers Sunday drivers (rare lp from this switzerland band) Switz Lp Najkine 28 38
Sunset Barfly Ger 7" Justin 10 14
Sunset Josia (wave pop with synth) Fr 7" Kletsol 12 16
Superfreego Pourquoi es tu si mechant ? Fr Lp Rca 50 68
Superfreego Il y a + 2 maxi 45t pr*mo Fr 12" Rca 25 34
Surrenders Loaded dice (rare single) Aus 7" Rubber 20 27
Surrenders Release Fr Lp Spank 12 16
Surrenders Stay overnight (pochette differente) Sp Lp Marilyn 15 20
Surrenders Stay overnight Fr Lp Ideal 15 20
Swan lake Bye bye turbin (rock new wave) Fr 7" Private 15 20
Sweet boys** Obsetionnality/aicha (french wave with cold touch rare 7") Fr 7" Rca 20 27
T-kat and the k'o technique Lovers and friends/realizations Fr 7" Private 25 34
Taboo (taxi girl) Cherchez le garçon (excellent cover not so far from the original, rare !) Fr 12" Flaresnasch 20 27
Tahiti 80 Isaac + john steed + so you want to be a rock'n roll star (byrds) + montage Fr Cdm Atmospheriques 12 16
Tahiti 80 A love from outer space (johansson mix) + barbie dress + when the sun sunrise version maxi cd Fr Cdm Atmospheriques 12 16
Tahiti 80 A love from outer space very rare split 7" with another band : maarten pr*mo collector was only available with a magazine, photo/drawing of the band on the cover, clear vinyl, nice item! Fr 7" Presto 20 27
Tambours du Bronx ça sonne pas beau, un bidon? Fr Lp Eurobond 15 20
Tandy eric Ep ET toujours fiers + 3 Fr 12" New rose 15 20
Tandy gilles Ostende Fr 7" New rose 10 14
Tandy gilles Le vampire (rare) comme neuf ! Fr 7" New rose 15 20
Tanger Le petit soldat 1 titre pochette ouvrante Fr Cds Universal 11 15
Tanger Oui peut etre collector vert pochette ouvrante format spécial Fr Cds Universal 12 16
Tanger Oui peut etre collector scellé (rose) Fr Cds Universal 11 15
Tango Hey paul/tu dis (not on the album) Fr Cds Wmd 15 20
Tango Hey paul/les aveux/l'illusion (not on the cd) Fr 7" 13 bis 20 27
Tango Same Fr Cd XIII bis records 23 31
Tank Bedtime for rio (excellent post rock) Fr Cd Alice in wonder 15 20
Tank Pulsar headlights…(excellent post rock) Fr Cd Alice in wonder 15 20
Tap'man Moi j'men fout Fr 7" Elyon 13 18
Tara Ska man top condition ! Fr 7" Emi 25 34
Tarmac (louise attaque) L'atelier (members louise attaque) Fr Cd Atmospheriques 12 16
Taxi girl 84-86 33t 25 cm Fr 10" Virgin 20 27
Taxi girl Nous sommes jeunes nous sommes fiers Fr 7" Virgin 13 18
Taxi girl Mannequin / les yeux des amants Fr 7" Emi 6 8
Taxi girl Jardin chinois Fr 7" Emi 9 12
Taxi girl Taxi girl includes manquin etc..first 12" original issue Fr 12" Sonopresse 20 27
Taxi girl Les armées de la nuit Rare beautiful gatefold single Fr 7" Mankin 20 27
Taxi girl Aussi belle qu'une balle +2 Fr 12" Koka 18 24
Taxi girl Aussi belle qu'une balle (first mix) Fr 7" Koka 10 14
Taxi girl Aussi belle qu'une balle (nouveau mix) Fr 7" Koka 10 14
Taxi girl Cherchez le garçon Fr 7" Emi 9 12
Taxi girl Seppuku (original mankin) Fr Lp Mankin 20 27
Taxi girl Seppuku (original mankin) with poster Fr Lp Mankin 30 41
Taxi girl Viviane vogg live 1981 on stranglers tour manchester apollo with jet black on drums rare red flexi Uk 7" Lyntone 30 41
Taxidermistes Same (between taxi girl and indochine) Fr Lp Madrigal 12 16
Taxy driver Maree basse Fr 7" Private 12 16
Tc matic L'apache (reissue) Fr Lp New rose 9 12
Tc matic Best of Fr Lp New rose 12 16
Tc matic L'apache Fr Lp Emi 15 20
Tc matic Tc matic (1983) Bel Lp Emi 11 15
Tc matic Yé yé (inclus elle adore le noir) Fr Lp Fan club 12 16
Tdm Les monstres et les gores Fr 7" Private 10 14
Teenage head Never stop rocking ! Fr Lp Private 12 16
Telephone Metro / hygiaphone Fr 7" Tapioca 28 38
Telephone Compilation enregistrements originaux Fr 2lp Emi 15 20
Telephone Un autre monde Fr Lp Emi 8 11
Telephone / starshooter Hygiaphone / betsy party (red vinyl) Fr 7" Pathe marconi 5 7
Telex ** Rock around the clock Fr 7" Vogue 5 7
Telex** Braiwash (long version special mix / dummy) Fr 12" Wea 23 31
Telex** Les rythmes automatiques (rare end of 80's compilation of remixes by the band himself) Holl Lp Magnetic 25 34
Telex** Soul waves Fr 7" Vogue 10 14
Telex** Twist a saint tropez Fr 7" Vogue 8 11
Telex** Temporary chicken Bel 12" Indisc 12 16
Telex** Loney tunes with cd bonus tracks Fr Cd Magnetic 18 24
Telex** Spike jones Fr 12" Wea 11 15
Tender hook Keep on dreaming / man in the shade (swiss band) Switz 7" Dark side 10 14
Tequila Chacun pour soi ? (vinyl rouge) Fr Lp Wea 15 20
Tequila Rebelle Fr Lp Street 12 16
Tequila Stampede thru europe Fr 7" Black rose 20 27
Terry chantal Hard to wait Fr 7" Milkshake records 15 20
Tetines noires Epidemik pakotill / my nightclub head pr*mo Fr 7" Boucherie 18 24
Th marcus La milice Fr 7" Arc 8 11
The drift Young shoots (4 tracks live) noisy pop "a la francaise" rare maxi cd Fr Cdm Rosebud 8 11
The drinks Confession/right or wrong (pre raft ultra rare) Fr Fr Private 50 68
The heretic dreams Like adam and eva in hell / death child Fr 7" Private 12 16
The park If all the seas.. Fr Cd Danceteria 11 15
The wait Cold Monday (band also present on the unreleased compilation rock very slightly cold on one side) Fr 7" Egg 12 16
Thugs Tout doit disparaître Fr Cd Labels 11 15
Thugs Still hungry still angry+ insert Fr Lp Bondage 12 16
Thugs Electric troubles Fr Lp Closer 13 18
Thugs Radical hystery Fr Lp Closer 20 27
Thugs Electric troubles Fr Lp Glitterhouse 12 16
Ticket Coup de bol a marrakech (with elmer food beat members sounds like another EFB lp!) vinyl looks vg but plays close to mint Fr Lp Surfin'bird 25 34
Ticket Funambule Fr 7" Megalo 20 27
Ticket (pre elmer food beat) Ticket (with members of elmer food beat including the singer, very same as an elmer food beat lp) Fr Lp Surfin'bird 25 34
Tiersen yann Avant la chute (pr*mo) Fr Cdm Ida Offers Offres
Tiersen yann Le phare Fr Cd Virgin 10 14
Tijuana kids Big black Fr 7" Kraft 15 20
Tison pin pon La cavale (with collector sheets) Fr Lp Bobbyno 10 14
Tokow boys Cobra! Cobra! Fr Lp Virgin 25 34
Tommy hools Shup vol ! Early works and remixes vol 1 card sleeve 20 tracks Fr Cd Recall 15 20
Tommy hools Le levant (still sealed) feat remixes by terranova, kid loco, milano. Fr 12" Recall 15 20
Tommy hools Le maire de venise feat kid loco mix 4 remixes new still sealed! Fr 12" Recall 12 16
Tommy hools Fire 5 tracks collector different mixes 1 by bertrand burgalat Eu Cds East west 15 20
Tony truant & million bolivar quartet Your room is ready sir (ex dogs very rare lp) Fr Lp Bird 25 34
Tony truant Je suis contre Fr 7" Bird    
Top fuel Grains de beaute (new wave) Fr 7" Rtgb 8 11
Top fuel Ni le jour ni l'heure Fr 7" Pathe marconi 12 16
Toxine Ta peau Fr 12" Abbey road records 15 20
Trans europe express Same player shoots again Fr Lp Cobra 15 20
Trans europe express Living for the rock and roll Fr Lp pole 20 27
Transat Ton image de marque Fr 7" Ledoux records 10 14
Transat Dernier soir Fr 7" Private 15 20
Treponem pal Other life Fr 7" Sonopresse 8 11
Tricheurs Le jour j (long version) + normal version + crystal palace (one of the best french aco singles) rare cdm collector? No bar code Fr Cdm Virgin 20 27
Tricheurs Amoureux demain (rare single) Fr 7" Virgin 12 16
Tricheurs Du charme / rien n'est bien Fr 7" Virgin 10 14
Tricheurs Tendez vos levres Fr Lp Virgin 15 20
Tristan Marechal cœur de reve (avec poster) Fr Lp Private 25 34
Tristan (ex guilty razors) La chanson des poissons Fr 7" Dreyfus 8 11
Tristan (ex guilty razors) Costume jaune Fr 7" Dreyfus 8 11
Tristan (ex guilty razors) Costume jaune Fr 12" Dreyfus 12 16
Tupelo soul Sargasse (excellent!! haunted garage / a bit post punk in the gun club vein) Fr Mlp New rose 13 18
Tutti lombardi Tutti lombardi + 2 edition limitee 1000 ex numerotee Fr 7" Private 15 20
Tv screen What news today ? Fr 7" Carrere 5 7
Tweed Marylou / dans ses yeux great aco single in the style of Elmer f.b. , tricheurs, love bizarre rare ! Fr 7" Off th track 15 20
Twin bees I'm your man and 2 other assorted songs (excellent melodic pop) Fr Cdm Westsound 9 12
Tzigona Vodka Fr 7" Accord 6 8
Ubik** Surf Fr Lp Rca 15 20
Ubik** Kakikouka Fr 7" Rca 11 15
Ubik** Opera Fr 7" Off th track 12 16
Ubik** Nada Fr 7" Rca 11 15
Unknown pleasures Up Bel Lp Boomrang 15 20
Uno Right or wrong Fr 12" Barclay 10 14
Untel untel Monsieur untel Fr Mlp Comotion 15 20
Valentins Ego ego Fr Cd Barclay 15 20
Valentins Valentins (1993) Fr Cd Barclay 20 27
Valentins Avenues Fr 7" Wea 10 14
Valeriane Casse cou Fr 7" Private 20 27
Vanot sylvain Les roseaux version 2 1 seul titre collector Fr Cds Labels 12 16
Vanot sylvain Il fait soleil cd collector pochette format cd single mais album complet ref 3098 Fr Cd Labels 15 20
Vanot sylvain Sylvain vanot inclus la bouche herbue, sous ta fenetre … version digipack Fr Cd Week end 15 20
Vanot sylvain Les fleurs sur le mur / un totem a la cuisine / ceux qui reviennent (demo) collector Fr Cds Labels 12 16
Vanot sylvain La bouche herbue + 3 Fr Cdm Week end 10 14
Vanot sylvain Egerie 1997 one bonus track only for vinyl Fr Lp Labels 23 31
Vanot sylvain Sur des arbres Fr Cd Week end 11 15
Various : 10 de bordeaux 10 rare & unknown bands from southwest of France with wallis, foxy lady, crazy lights, off 7, zoom, bel air, les suspects, les cons, pilote, monkeys on juice Fr Lp Private 15 20
Various : 125 grammes de rock n roll** with electrochoc, ruth, came aux damelias, a 3 dans les wc, strychnine, ecoute maman etc Fr Lp Oxygene Offers Offres
Various : 5 years of pandemonium collector sampler of pandemonium label with noise experimental bands( mainly french) with hint,double nelson,condense,alboth!,unsane,god is my copilot….. Still sealed Fr Cd Pandemonium 12 16
Various : acousteack Los carayos, les pires, hadji lazaro, malicorne, les 4 jeans, etc Fr Cd Boucherie 15 20
Various : bla bla schmurz group Punk pop & art Fr Lp Atomium 8 11
Various : bonne année boucherie productions** With mano negra, deltones, garçons bouchers, vent du mont schaar pr*mo only 7" Fr 7" Boucherie 25 34
Various : bons baisers de paris With soucoupes violentes, alice lovers, spanish meat balls, chatterton, les rouquins, les anglais, strange boutique, muffins) Fr Lp Justin 12 16
Various : campus talents Avec model tete, dzeta 2, a+b, exil, square, les volés, insane again, blanc negre, stiky doll, brats, elik tara (ces groupes ne peuvent a priori n 'etre trouvable que sur cette compilation) Fr Lp Emi 12 16
Various : contresens With les objets, gamine, jean louis murat, kid pharaon, chelsea, little rabbits, mister moonlight, katerine, etienne daho, passion fodder etc Fr Cd Wmd 30 41
Various : cote avenue** Nicolas cruel , bocal 5, reactors, kekko bravo Fr Lp Chipie Offers Offres
Various : Dancetaria 100 Compilation of covers with the grief (unreleased track: a "haunted cold" cover of kiss "i was made for loving you" sung in french only available on this cd!), pollen, von magnet, jivaros quartet…. Fr Cd Danceteria 12 16
Various : douze inedits collector only cd gatefold with 12 unreleased tracks of lithium artists:Dominique A,françoise breut,diabologum,dogbowl,perio, holden,da capo … Fr Cd Lithium 30 41
Various : en chair et en os Rare compilation with peter plane and the flying cows (noisy rock) kivalo dolgozo (experiemental free noise) leviathan (cold + post punk) volante (electro noise) voodoo muzak (noisycold) RWA (noisy/experimental) Fr Lp Amanita 20 27
Various : en français dans le texte Inédits/unreleased of kaolin, paris combo, arthur h, hadji lazaro, lo'jo, chet, juliette, les hurleurs, bertrand louis, julia, maidi roth, superbus, bemar : bo Fr Cds Barclay 20 27
Various : enragez vous With noir desir, thugs, zen guerilla, drive blind, girls against boys…. Fr Cd Black & noir 18 24
Various : eyes on you Compilation of closer and teenage records with coronados, fixed up, thugs, batmen, kid pharaon… Fr Lp Closer 15 20
Various : festival ouff 91 video with unit up,les imbibes, vindicators, ze6, thompson rollets, molodoi, raymonde et les blancs becs, les ejectes, slow sushy boys, les cadavres, bitches brew, mega sonic boom blast, lusty berry guys, les oidgts, dirty district, deity guns, bb doc, bat attack, sai sai, les gnomes Fr Video Private 20 27
Various : fireball With stunners, surf piranhas, psych out, deluxe, f alysse, satanic lovers Fr Lp Ozagen 12 16
Various : france profonde vol 3 Compilation / various inédits / unreleased : cadavres, laviok, dead gregory's, karbala 413, rolling bidochons, rats, dileurs, kambrones, warum joe, frelons, completement, elmer food beat inner sleeve with lyrics / pochette intérieure avec paroles Fr Lp F 18 24
Various : french rock mania 33t format 45t version pr*mo 6 titres gogo pigalle dogs bijou paris foxy cine palace french cancan very rare top condition Fr 7" Philips 30
Various : french ska Pr*mo only compilation With vodska, skunks, tara, bloom, chico, Fr Lp Emi Offers Offres
Various : garage 1966 / 1970 Various covers of 60's tracks from different bands bands :stooges, velvet, mc5, pink floyd, seeds, 13th floor, bowie by 80's french bands such as bonapartes, strahler, charles de goal, baroque bordello, momerath, jad wio, great cover of "venus in furs" by rare coldwave band Dz electric, band of outsiders, too much, super alice, (laurence)romance + eudeline (patrick) Fr Lp Garage 20 27
Various : grand prix rock n°2 de montpellier la decconection, f holes, fitt band, mr georges Fr Lp Private 15 20
Various : greetings from the sunny beach*** Best of closer : with fixed up bad brains, pandoras, dickies, paul collins beat, barracudas, bruce joyner, nomads, dream syndicate, only ones, eyes of mind, richard barone Fr Lp Closer 15 20
Various : hexagonal rock 86 With jad, offensive, jivaros, marie et les antoines, laurence v8, alan woody Fr Lp Blue silver 15 20
Various : ici d'ailleurs (yann tiersen) Rare collector*sampler presenting the "ici d'ailleurs" label when it was distibuted by sine terra firma (early years) with yann tiersen 5 tracks soir de fete, le compteur, le fromveur, le phare, avant qu'ils arrivent + tracks from dominique petit + die knodel + die anarchistische abendunterhaltung (very nice packaging !) Fr Cd Sine terra firma 40 54
Various : juin 1994 un ete rosebud Rare french collector sampler with married monk ,la variete,lighthouse,chelsea + pink floyd cover by welcome to julian + acoustic version by katerine these 2 last tracks are exclusive for this cd Fr Cds Rosebud 23 31
Various : Kitchens, many music from different … With rare track of elmer food beat, little rabbits, blisters, ev, tequila , pietons, bubble blue she made, why ted, specimen, shtauss, euphoric trapdoor shoes.. Fr Cd New rose 15 20
Various : la vie en rose Coffret/boxset Double lp compilation pink vinyl with calamités, warum joe, charles de goal, snipers, valentino, replacements, chris bailey, shoes, outcasts, chris bailey, the count... Fr 2lp New rose 25 34
Various : le rock d'ici a l'olympia Live at the olympia 1978 with marie et les garçons, stinky toys, diesel, bijou, electric callas, lou's, starshooter, asphalt jungle, guilty razors first edition with booklet new still sealed Fr Cd Wagram 30 41
Various : le rock d'ici a l'olympia** Live at the olympia 1978 with marie et les garçons, stinky toys, diesel, bijou, electric callas, lou's, starshooter, asphalt jungle, guilty razors Fr Lp Emi 30 41
Various : Les belles promesses Collection " acoustisque" with vera clouzot, johan asherton, evergreen, statics, gallous, seven sisters, ego, big slim hazard, yann savel Fr Cd XIII bis records 12 16
Various : Les belles promesses Collection" electronique" with rhinoceroce,ignatus,le tone,mirwais,telepopmusik,bruno carone… Fr Cd XIII bis records 12 16
Various : les bruits defendus Ep 4 titres avec les stilettos, les exemples, flamingos, scurs Fr Ep Myxomatose 25 34
Various : les enfants du velvet Reprises(covers) of velvet underground avec rita mitsouko, taxi girl, etienne daho, marc seberg… Fr Mlp Virgin 15 20
Various : Liberté de circulation With dominique a,little rabbits,yan tiersen,noir désir,married monk,louise attaque,rodolphe burger,rachid taha…tracks only recorded for this sampler Fr Cd Naive 15 20
Various : live au kremlin vol 2 Exclusive live tracks of corman & tuscadu, patrick vidal, marie et les garcons, lolitas, warum joe, soucoupes violentes, molodoi, mary goes round, little egypt etc.. Fr Cd New rose 20 27
Various : live au kremlin vol 2 Exclusive live tracks of corman & tuscadu, patrick vidal, marie et les garcons, lolitas, warum joe, soucoupes violentes, molodoi, mary goes round, little egypt etc.. Fr Lp New rose 20 27
Various : lost hits*** Rare tracks : covers by dogs, prisoners, flying padovanis, london cowboys, senders, wilko johnson, sugar ray ford, heroes, corazon rebelde, flamin' groovies Fr Lp Skydog 20 27
Various : ma grand mere est une rockeuse Various bands sings edith piaf / frehel ,covers only available on this compilation with elmer food beat, wampas, happy drivers, pigalle, garçons bouchers, bb doc, tetines noires, bangkock paddock, stellla, rosemary's babies, betty boop, woodentrucks, bernadette soubirou et ses apparitions, deleted Fr Cd Boucherie 25 34
Various : mon grand frere est un rocker With los carayos, pigalle, dogs, LSD, metal urbain, oth, garçons bouchers, wampas, endimanchés.. Fr Lp Boucherie 20 27
Various : on another planet mega city 4/uptown bones/mad monster party/davy jones locker/maniacs/casbah club/kid pharaon etc Fr Lp Black & noir 15 20
Various : Panorama Rare deleted digipack compilation of the village vert label with superflu, czerkinsky, pierre bondu, telepopmusik, autour de lucie, orly, matthieu malon, mercedes audras, parades Fr Cd Village vert 18 24
Various : papa n'aime pas le bruit Rare private compilation with early tahiti 80 track : puzzle, melvins (live at ubu rennes), number one cup, superchunk + other french bands Fr Cd Private 25 34
Various : pop en stock vol 1 With jacno, casino music, modern guy, suicide romeo, panorama, ici paris, kas produkt, buzy, calamites, lio, lizzy mercier descloux, marie et les garcons, mathematiques modernes, taxi girl, modern guy, edith nylon Fr Cd Wmd 45 61
Various : reflexes 84 With tina et les fairlanes, les ablettes, les desaxes, gynette exotol, drucila Fr Lp Reflexes 18 24
Various : rock a caen 85 With les papillons noirs, norma jean baker, le horla, silexie, night faces.. Fr Lp Private 9 12
Various : Rock a Rennes collector boxset with booklet with 16 britanny bands as Marquis de sade, sax pustuls, kalashnikov, yann tiersen, etienne daho, marc seberg, sloy…. Relesed for 16 years of 'transmusicales' festival . Fr Cd Private 20 27
Various : rock in France 60's With ria bartok, hector, bourgeois de calais, guitares seches, komintern, larry greco, triangle, variations etc Fr Cd Emi 15 20
Various : rock of the 80's*** With local bands from the center of France : rock : fmr band, coke en stock, villanelle , new wave : ultim'atom , hard rock : hard trip, high school very rare Fr Lp Private 25 34
Various : rock sur la blanche Live 1998 groupes de best avec boycott banco, les mutants, timber rock, half way line, halloween, edith 33, les anges pervers, soul tripper, anemie toxine, les vieux se fachent Fr Lp Private 20 27
Various : rosebud great collection vol 2 stars & lives With katerine, mr de foursaing, chelsea, lighthouse, la variété… Fr Cd Rosebud 15 20
Various : Rosebud presente collector sampler with tracks from katerine,little rabbits,marion (2 tracks each) 1996 Fr Cds Rosebud 15 20
Various : Rrose selavy Compilation of brittany label ruled by complot brunswick guys,includes complot, vein, emma and complot aside projects etc…. Fr Cd Rrose selavy 15 20
Various : Sang neuf en 89 With mano negra, negresses vertes, wampas, oui oui, satellites…exclusive tracks released for the 200th french revolution anniversary Fr Cass Eurobond 10 14
Various : sang neuf en 89 Avec/With mano negra, negresses vertes, wampas, oui oui, satellites…(que des inédits!) (exclusive tracks) Composés pour l'anniversaire de la révolution française (magnifique grand livret illustré par tous les artistes présent sur cette compilation) released for the 200th french revolution anniversary with booklet Fr Lp Justin 20 27
Various : scene française version rock With dolly, daran, silmarils,my favorite dentist is dead.collector cd each bands has 2 tracks on it Fr Cd East west 15 20
Various : session de nuit Compilation 88 avec palace, relations, bleu de brume, rag dolls, les hommes, le portail et la cle, vision, nuit st georges, sucette boulevard, baym Fr Lp Private 12 16
Various : snapshots Unreleased / inédits of calamités, snipers, stilettos, gamine, kick, city kids, coronados, owls, standards, rythmeurs (all nice aco) has the inner poster sheet Fr Lp Snapshot 30 41
Various : telepop presente Rare prom* 4 tracks single with tv series : impossible mission force, persuaders (amicalement votre) etc.. covers by casino music, lizzy mercier descloux, les garçons, suicide romeo, these tracks can only be found here, nice p/s rare Fr 7" Ze 25 34
Various : traboulock Avec los mescaleros (neo rockabilly) , jack bon et les jets, dimsy comedi, gangsters Fr 12" Andre records 12 16
Various : transbo 1990** With l'enfance éternelle 3 tracks;le voyage de noz 2 tracks ; crazy george 5 tracks unreleased Fr Cd Private 23 31
Various : tribute to johnny thunders With la souris déglinguee, elli et jacno, dogs, kingsnakes, dominic sonic, ze watchmain.. Fr 2Lp Skydog 23 31
Various : underground vol 1 Many unreleased tracks , pas mal d'inédits , With guadalcanal, lord eva braun, legitime defonce (inédit /exclusive), les invendables, no comment, les malfrats, les imbibés, les reactors, trotskids(inédit / exclusive), nosferatu, requiem, le glas, les volés, les petits bolides, mort a venise Fr Lp Squale 13 18
Various : une partie de plaisir*** with katerine 2 tracks (one is unreleased la leçon de piano) on this pr*mo cds une partie de plaisir other artists are welcome to julian swam julian swam Fr Cds Rosebud 20 27
Various : usine ephemere Split promo 45 avec violon et la place extrait de la compil usine E. Fr 7" Barclay 8 11
Various:13 rock a caen** With theatre, objectors, amour puzzle, johnny hess, john merrick, valentinos, spurts, fantome… Fr Lp Uht 20 27
Vendetta palace Pressure time (ex lili drop) Fr 12" Meninblack 15 20
Vera clouzot Vera clouzot (great album, acoustic guitar, lots of strings, lo fi in the vein of palace, smog . Velvet influenced but still has its own particular identity !) Fr Cd Private 25 34
Via viva** Les dandies (80's new wave pop) Fr 7' Barclay 12 16
Victor nemo De l'art d'elle /amazone (chanson wave minimal synth) Fr 7' Private 15 20
Victor racoin Cine moche Fr 7' Private 10 14
Vidal patrick Six am (rare single with prom* sheet) Fr 7" New rose 18 24
Vidal patrick Histoires d'aventures (bonus tracks on this rare cd) Fr Cd New rose 20 27
Vidal patrick (marie et les garçons) Histoires d'aventures Fr Lp New rose 13 18
Visa Les iles pacifiques Fr 7" Cbs 5 7
Visa d'expulsion Texas Fr 7" Private 10 14
Visages Qui a tue l'ecureuil Fr 7" Barclay 15 20
Visiteurs Visiteurs / qu'est ce qui te fait peur ? Fr 7" Bernett 5 7
Visiteurs modeles Laisse toi aller Fr 7" Vogue 13 18
Vitamine Annie tendresse Fr 7" Barclay 25 34
Vodska L'espion qui venait du ska Fr 7" Emi 12 16
Vol de nuit Salut les coucous Fr 7" Philips 10 14
Voxes Blind mind Fr 7" Emi 8 11
Vrp** Remords et tristes pets (original bondage) Fr Lp Bondage 25 34
Vrp** Ramon perez Fr 7" Philips 15 20
Vrp** Ramon perez (promo) Fr 7" Philips 20 27
Vrp** Remords et tristes pets Fr Cd Philips 25 34
Vrp** Je n'en peux plus Fr 7" Philips 15 20
Vrp** J'aime pas les vrp surtout en concert Fr 12" Philips 25 34
Wally Presqu'heureux Fr Cd Boucherie 13 18
Walpurgis volta la petite vieille Bel 7" La rage 15 20
WC3 A 3 dans les wc Fr Lp Cbs 20 27
WC3 Poupee be.bop Fr 7" Cbs 10 14
WC3 Derniers baisers du vautour Fr 7" Cbs 10 14
WC3 La machine infernale Fr Lp Cbs 20 27
WC3 Moderne musique Fr Lp Cbs 15 20
Welcome to julian 5 collector sampler for surfin' on a t bone release p/s Fr Cds Rosebud 15 20
Well spotted Well spotted (great album in the pixies vein) Fr Cd Part de tarte 20 27
Well spotted Shine your star Fr Cd Weird 20 27
West coast West coast / i was a fool Fr 7" Private 8 11
Whoo watchiz ze watchmain Play with evil (perfect condition) Fr 7" Sucksex records 10 14
Wild child Death trip Fr Lp Madrigal 15 20
Wild child Speedlife o mind Fr Lp Private 15 20
William pears Decu par l'an 2000 (excellent neo aco like chelsea, tango..) Fr Cd 13 bis 15 20
Wino Mots bas / hé demain (new wave touch) Fr 7" Az 8 11
Witches valley Extreme return to the source Fr Lp Autodafe 15 20
WP Les macqs les ringards Fr 7" Tebaros 8 11
Wromble experience Mauvaise fievre + 2 Fr 12" Sony 9 12
Wromble experience "1900" Fr Cd Squatt 11 15
X ray pop Cosmofuzz ballroom Fr Lp Private 50 68
X ray pop Psychedelic dolls Usa Lp RRr 25 34
X ray pop Welcome to my guinea pig's box (only 500 ex made ! numbered ) Fr Lp Private 50 68
X ray pop Baby speedock freak's army Fr 2cd East west 15 20
X ray pop** Fuzzy christmas (clear vinyl) Fr 7" Mbs 25 34
XXX Boite de nuit (excellent and rare twisted new wave single on famous celluloid label) Fr 7" Celluloid 20 27
Yachines Fancy kane (rare cd 1996) Fr Cd Pop life united 15 20
Yz Paradoxes Fr Lp Accord 12 16
Zaph Mission suicide (synth wave) Fr 7" Amp 11 15
Zarta Zarta Fr Cd Delabel 12 16
Zenith A tua procura (pop/synth/wave) Fr 7" Private 10 14
Zero de conduite Les sucettes / amadeus Fr 7" Off th track 12 16
Zero de conduite Viré du bahut Fr 7" Rca 25 34
Zero de conduite Same includes les sucettes Fr Lp Off th track 12 16
Zéro de conduite Amadeus Sp 7'' Discos marilyn 10 14
Zéro de conduite Same includes les sucettes…very rare collector copy includes collector cover poster + very nice biography sheet very limited ! Has inner sleeve Fr Lp Off th track 35 47
Lp = 33 tours vinyl / 12 " = Maxi 45 tours
10" = album 25 cm / 7 " = 45 tours
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